Your Soulmate Is Not Someone Else’s Husband. Part 2

There is no need for you to do that. If you call Noor and tell her, she will still blame you. She is having a baby with Zayn and will most likely forgive and stay with him. Zayn is a two-face who will choose his wife and child over you and make it seem like you are the actual villain. 

But it’s not fair. He screws me over and lives happily ever after!

Sana flung the phone across the room, hitting the lamp. 

And that is why you should have known better. You knew he was married.

Upon hearing the sound of the lamp shattering, Dad barged into the bedroom. 

Is everything ok? There is a mess in the dining area also.

Yes, baba, it was an accident. I will clean it up in a few minutes.

Hurry up I dont want anyone getting hurt from the broken glass.

Dad left to continue watching his show.

The first thing you need to do is delete him from all social media accounts. And block his number. Because if this gets out, it will cause more misery to you than others. We live in a brown community Sana. Aunties will taunt you at every chance they get. Mom is not here to protect us from it. 

And Zayn gets away with it.

No. Once a cheater, always a cheater. He will cheat on Noor again. He can’t keep running from what he is.  

If you didn’t know he was married, then it would have been logical for you to contact Noor. But you knew. So it is better to let it be. Even if you confess it wont make you any less of a homewrecker.

There are consquences to your actions Sana. You need to live with this.


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