Ten techniques to keep our soul healthy

My views on Forty Sufi techniques from Gülen and Nursi’s wisdom

Our souls can suffer many spiritual illnesses if we do not care for it. In the Forty Sufi techniques from Gülen and Nursi’s wisdom, one thing they all had in common was being considerate of others and having a pure heart. Takkabur (pride and arrogance) and Hasad (envy) are two of the spiritual illness that hurt our souls as much as it does others. It made me realize that if we want God to be in our hearts, we must first purify it and resolve the conflict within ourselves. 

It stated that Reflection focuses on thinking of the depth of God’s Mercy with love whatever your state, this is the first step. In any deeds, day or night, you must open your heart, for God constantly watches while you observe nature. This reminds me that we will be presented inside out so to speak on the day of Judgement. People who have taken the most excellent care to preserve their souls will be the most beautiful regardless of their physical appearance on Earth. People who neglect to follow God’s instructions will be seen as ugly. There are many techniques I could relate to and learn from, but the main one is Sufi Technique 5. We habitually criticize others when they have a different way of following Islam or any other religion. At times, others have told me how I should present myself because of my faith. Even if your intentions are pure, you might not realize you are offending others. Technique 12, where we should not hold a grudge against someone who hurt us, tells us how guilt-free our hearts should be. I read the techniques once in a while to keep my faith in check. 

    I have not tried the ten-week-long Sufi therapy, but I believe it would positively impact my lifestyle. However, I did try session 1 for 60 minutes, 99 times Al-hamdu li-Allah and 99 times, “HasbunAllahi Wani’mal wakeel.” After fajr Salah and felt calm throughout the day. I believe Sufi therapy can help people with mental health problems such as depression combined with psychological treatment. 


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