My disability does not make me weak.

By – Mubina Afreen

Emma looked into the bathroom mirror and repeated.
“Your disability does not make you weak.” for the twentieth time.
This was going to be her 3rd interview in a week. She knew she was capable. She finally felt empowered to take a stand for herself after years of being bullied and pitied.

Emma suffered from language impairment and developmental disability. Stuttering and ADHD. But that didn’t stop Emma from achieving all her goals. She graduated with a Masters’s degree in Child Psychology with a 3.5 GPA. She was on the Swim team in H.S. and the Chess club. She was an A+ student. But, despite that, she felt she was not good enough due to her low self-esteem. She didn’t have many friends. If she had a problem, she would talk to her older cousin Alexis about it. Her parents were doctors and busy with work most of the time.

In America alone, 1 out of 5 women has a disability. That is 36 million women in the U.S. Women with disabilities are more likely to experience gender-based violence and discrimination.

Emma didn’t land that job interview. Even with her credentials. That rejection turned out to be the best for her. She still wanted to use her knowledge for the better and volunteered to help children that suffer from speech impairment. Emma Landed a job at the same therapy center she volunteered. In 2019 she specialized in working with children suffering from speech impairment and psychological health problems. She is moving on to start her center in 2024.

Emma’s story helped me understand that even with our disabilities, we are privileged. To get help 24/7 anywhere in America. And to use that privilege to help the less fortunate. As a type 1 diabetic since age 12 and suffering from ADD. I have donated to charities in 3rd world countries that help children suffering from diabetes with supplies and diabetes education.

So if you have a disability, be it physical or psychological, don’t be ashamed to accept it. Overcome it. And be an Emma.

Elizabeth Holmes planned to flee U.S. after her wire fraud conviction, say prosecutors — Why Evolution Is True

I have to pat myself on the back, because I think I’m the only person who predicted (on this site) that Elizabeth Holmes, pampered fraudster who will now spend at least nine years in jail, would try to flee the U.S. so she wouldn’t serve time. And now that seems to have been her plan.…

Elizabeth Holmes planned to flee U.S. after her wire fraud conviction, say prosecutors — Why Evolution Is True

Muslim guys obsession with Andrew Tate

By – Mubina C

  1. Andrew feeds their ego

Many young Muslim guys, especially in the desi community, have always been given way too much importance at home. Which has impacted their psychological health in such an alarming way that it has led them to believe the world revolves around them. YES, we are talking about the mama’s boys and dadi’s jigar ka tukda.

What we got to put up with.

When a misogynist like Andrew says, “women are men’s property after marriage and should sit at home and make coffee for their husband,” ghar ka nawabs took it seriously. They know that the Holy Quran states the opposite. When mommy dearest has kept them pampered since day one, and their younger sister is doing their laundry, while grandma willed everything to their name, Muslim guys likely will follow men like Andrew Tate. Every word Andrew Tate speaks is for men who have gotten everything served on a silver platter by women in their households.

Because in their mind, they think the females in their family are doing it out of love and compassion. Muslim parents have raised their sons as the culture wants, not as Islam commands. Middle Eastern and South Asian guys feel entitled because we have made them believe that is the truth. Sons feel they are to protect and assist the family when the father cannot be present. So sons should be looked after more. This may have been the truth years ago, but in this era, daughters are no less. A man’s job is not only to care for a woman financially. If he is taking care of his wife financially, that does not mean she is for granted and is to be treated like his maid. Discrimination between our daughters and sons has made males in our community think that we females need them to survive. Hence, When it is time to look for a wife, they need someone who can cook and clean after them but with a college degree because they need to hold up a standard in front of family members and friends. They cannot have people thinking they are backward now, can they? What will society say?
Muslim ladies in this generation have decided it is better to stay single because the married ones are divorcing their husbands for this concern. So let me be the one to tell you guys in caps clearly since long-term inhaling of hookah smoke might have impacted some of your brain cells.

WE ARE NOT YOUR PROPERTY AND NOT YOUR MOTHERS, WHO WILL MAKE COFFEE FOR YOU AFTER WORKING ALL DAY WHILE YOU SIT AND PLAY VIDEO GAMES. Maybe if some of you learned the Quran and Hadiths, you would know how a lady should be treated.

2. Andrew is a Muslim now, so he gets a pass on the sexist remarks.

It is obvious why Andrew Tate became Muslim. Most of his followers are misogynistic Muslim men. It is better to become part of a community if you plan to make a profit from them. It is a simple business technique. Some might even call this spiritual fraud. He knew well that Muslims welcome everyone to Islam with open arms forgiving his/hers past sins. He knew well what to say and to whom to increase his popularity after being banned from all social media accounts. This is a man that exploits women as a means of business. Someone who likes to live in Romania because it is more corrupt than the west. A man that should have never been given a chance to mislead our youths. Muslim sisters knew the mic should have been seized away from him soon as women’s rights in Islam came up on his podcast. Let us not forget the countless time’s Muslim sisters warned their brothers about this man. A type of man our Prophets told us to avoid. Who show themselves to be believers when they are not.

Muslim men idolize an influencer that posts tweets about Islam with one hand while opening a strip club with the other. Do Muslim men want to guess where Andrew got the money for the strip clubs? Hustler University. Where Muslim men signed up in packs like fools, how did men read the name out loud and think it was legit? If you cannot tell from the university’s name. The institute is a total scam. I would have never guessed.
Someone, please inform Moe from the corner store. An actual university course does not cost $50; they do not double and give you your money back. The money is gone Moe.

tata, Allah Hafiz

Remember, you men told us to stay in the kitchen and make coffee. We made it. Now it is time you men smell it and wake up! When we have Influencers like Andrew talking about our religion and a group of Muslim men supporting him. It does make our religion look immoral.
Regardless, after all of this, sisters were labeled “so-called feminists” when we objected to Tate’s arguments. Before, you go on to say he is now a Muslim brother and not to judge his past. Scroll through his Twitter and see the number of times he posted sexist and degrading tweets about women AFTER he took the shahada. Our brothers need to realize that when you welcome and support men like Andrew Tate, you indirectly tell him and others how you view women and how our religion views women. You are telling a sister that if she gets raped, it is her fault, and she needs to bear the consequences. That woman should not drive. I do not even understand how most guys agreed to this one. When men tell us to drive to buy groceries, pick up the kids from school, Masjid, and soccer practice as they rot on the couch. Furthermore, Andrew even said that ladies are comparable to dogs. You won’t see Muslim women comparing men to dogs on live podcasts because we are wise to know dogs are loyal.

first it was doorknobs now its dogs

3. Choose better role models.

After watching a few Youtube videos of Andrew Tates’s conversion, I got an idea why Muslim men are fascinated by him. First, he talks about why he left Christianity. He quotes that Christians do not stand united when their religion is mocked, while Muslims do. Right there, he puts Islam in the spotlight. Then he proceeds to explain the amount of evil taking place around us. He does not go in-depth about Islam as he is still learning the religion.
We all have simple morality when we put religion aside. It comes down to good vs. evil. One does not do several evil things and attach themself to a particular religion. But, they can use religion to escape from their consequences. Andrew knew the Muslim community would save him if his evil acts got caught. When he got arrested, the Muslim men on Twitter came to save him with the hashtag #saveandrewtate. Many Muslim preachers have done this also. Where they used Islam to commit heinous crimes. Andrew states that he was a devoted Christian. However, he was a Christian when he opened up strip clubs, was accused of rape, owned casinos, has an only fans business, and has a webcam business. I am pretty sure none of the things I listed are allowed in Christianity or Islam. The man you state will bring masculinity to Islam, top G, earns doing haram. His net worth of $700 million is haram. Do you believe he will give up his luxurious lifestyle for Islam? What has he done as a Muslim other than reject alcohol at a casino surrounded by naked women? Would you be a proud parent if your son did all that Andrew Tate does and still called himself Muslim? Do not get me wrong, many Muslim brothers drink and commit zina while preaching about Islam. It does not take a minute for the Muslim community to point fingers and expose them, so why does Andrew Tate get a pass? It is only because he is a wealthy celebrity who exploits women. The same women our Prophet Muhammad SAW told you to respect and care for while on his deathbed. Same women that have Paradise lying beneath their feet when they become a mother because men are not capable of handling the pain of childbirth.

Andrew got one thing right: Muslims stay together regarding our faith. That is the power of the Ummah. We do not change our beliefs for woke culture and western influence. Praying five times a day does not make a person religious. It makes them Muslim. There is nothing wrong with Andrew Tate learning about Islam. May he learn from Islam and change his ways. However, a line has to be drawn between welcoming someone to Islam and hero-worshipping them. A request from us sisters, please follow better influencers who honor women who don’t compare us to animals.

Urdu to English translation

– Dadi’s Jigar ka tukda Literal (Grandma’s piece of liver) Idiom (the most dear)

-Ghar ke nawab ( Prince of the house)

Ten techniques to keep our soul healthy

My views on Forty Sufi techniques from Gülen and Nursi’s wisdom

Our souls can suffer many spiritual illnesses if we do not care for it. In the Forty Sufi techniques from Gülen and Nursi’s wisdom, one thing they all had in common was being considerate of others and having a pure heart. Takkabur (pride and arrogance) and Hasad (envy) are two of the spiritual illness that hurt our souls as much as it does others. It made me realize that if we want God to be in our hearts, we must first purify it and resolve the conflict within ourselves. 

It stated that Reflection focuses on thinking of the depth of God’s Mercy with love whatever your state, this is the first step. In any deeds, day or night, you must open your heart, for God constantly watches while you observe nature. This reminds me that we will be presented inside out so to speak on the day of Judgement. People who have taken the most excellent care to preserve their souls will be the most beautiful regardless of their physical appearance on Earth. People who neglect to follow God’s instructions will be seen as ugly. There are many techniques I could relate to and learn from, but the main one is Sufi Technique 5. We habitually criticize others when they have a different way of following Islam or any other religion. At times, others have told me how I should present myself because of my faith. Even if your intentions are pure, you might not realize you are offending others. Technique 12, where we should not hold a grudge against someone who hurt us, tells us how guilt-free our hearts should be. I read the techniques once in a while to keep my faith in check. 

    I have not tried the ten-week-long Sufi therapy, but I believe it would positively impact my lifestyle. However, I did try session 1 for 60 minutes, 99 times Al-hamdu li-Allah and 99 times, “HasbunAllahi Wani’mal wakeel.” After fajr Salah and felt calm throughout the day. I believe Sufi therapy can help people with mental health problems such as depression combined with psychological treatment. 

Your Soulmate Is Not Someone Else’s Husband. Part 2

There is no need for you to do that. If you call Noor and tell her, she will still blame you. She is having a baby with Zayn and will most likely forgive and stay with him. Zayn is a two-face who will choose his wife and child over you and make it seem like you are the actual villain. 

But it’s not fair. He screws me over and lives happily ever after!

Sana flung the phone across the room, hitting the lamp. 

And that is why you should have known better. You knew he was married.

Upon hearing the sound of the lamp shattering, Dad barged into the bedroom. 

Is everything ok? There is a mess in the dining area also.

Yes, baba, it was an accident. I will clean it up in a few minutes.

Hurry up I dont want anyone getting hurt from the broken glass.

Dad left to continue watching his show.

The first thing you need to do is delete him from all social media accounts. And block his number. Because if this gets out, it will cause more misery to you than others. We live in a brown community Sana. Aunties will taunt you at every chance they get. Mom is not here to protect us from it. 

And Zayn gets away with it.

No. Once a cheater, always a cheater. He will cheat on Noor again. He can’t keep running from what he is.  

If you didn’t know he was married, then it would have been logical for you to contact Noor. But you knew. So it is better to let it be. Even if you confess it wont make you any less of a homewrecker.

There are consquences to your actions Sana. You need to live with this.

Human Rights; International Day for the Elimination of Violence Against Women

How many rapes before women learn their place? How many pogroms? How many wives are beaten in thirty-six seconds or in a ten-by twelve-foot room? These questions miss nearly every point that matters: these acts of violence are emblematic acts of terror; they are acts of hatred and hostility; they are murderous in intent; and […]

Human Rights; International Day for the Elimination of Violence Against Women

Your Soulmate Is Not Someone Else’s Husband. Part 1

“Zainab, can you pass the sauce, please,” Sana asked as she reached out her hand to grab the bottle at the end of the table. I couldn’t believe how calm Sana was. Did she not realize she was breaking up a marriage? How could a woman sit relaxed and eat without a care knowing she is tearing apart a family? This was not how mom raised us to be.

Zayn our friend from H.S gave me a side eye with his head down in embarrassment fidgeting his fingers.I didn’t know if he was embarrassed by being caught red-handed or cheating on his wife.

My dad was so focused on the news he had no clue about what was happening around him. I didn’t plan on telling him either. It was only a few months since mom passed away and telling him about Sana and Zayn would cause him more pain.

“I should leave Noor must be waiting for my call.” Zayn said as he got up to wash his hands.

“YES! Right now your WIFE must be waiting.” I demanded. I had never felt this type of anger before. Sana ignored me as she shoved a whole meatball down her throat.

Boy if you don’t LEAVE

Was she going to act like nothing happened in the kitchen before dinner? How could my baby sister become so shameless?

Zayn left in a hurry closing the door behind him. Saying a quick good bye to my dad.

I grabbed Sana by the arm and dragged her up to my bedroom. Dropping my plate of food in the dining area.

“You are hurting me Zainab!”

I faced Sana towards me “You are doing the same to others but differently. Why were you kissing Zayn? Stop playing stupid I know what I saw.

Sana rolled her eyes. “I like him since H.S. I love him and he is my soul mate. Just because he is married doesn’t mean he loves his wife.

“Someone else’s husband cannot be your soulmate, Sana. How could you be so dumb to believe that? Zayn ignored you throughout H.S. and now that he is bored with his wife you are suddenly his soulmate. It’s absurd!”

He told me he will leave her. Their marriage has become toxic.”

Sana’s words felt like thorns pricked in my ear.

Did she fall on her head and lose all sense. How gullible could my sister be.

Men have been giving the same excuses yet we never learn.

Sana, Noor is pregnant. Please tell me You don’t believe that he loves you. I caught you two red-handed and Zayn didn’t even take a minute to run out that door. He didn’t even turn around to say bye to you. He is using you. And what you both are doing to Noor is wrong.”

“Noor is pregnant?” Sana seated down on the bed as tears rolled down her eyes.

“Yes, 3 months. She and Zayn have been trying for 2 years now. Noor is at her mom’s place because she is sick and needs someone to care for her while Zayn is at work. Zayn’s mom told Nani a week ago. How long has this been going on between you two?”

A few weeks. He told me Noor is staying over at her mom’s place for her cousin’s wedding.He lied to me this whole time.He told me they will divorce soon. I am going to call Noor and tell her everything.”

I snatched the phone out of her hand.